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March 15, 2018

CIE Manager of Programs and Operations, Laura Brogdon-Primavera, wins the UNCW Staff Award for Excellence in Engagement

Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship's Manager of Programs and Operations, Laura Brogdon-Primavera, won the UNCW Staff Award for Excellence in Engagement last Friday, March 9.

Congratulations, Laura! Read more here

Meredith Media Group profiled in Port City Daily

One of our own made the PCD!

Meredith chooses to promote women empowerment and natural beauty by working with models who look like “normal people” and not the traditional, unrealistic runway models of the past.
“I don’t want to work with your tall, 6’2, 100-pound models, and that’s actually not what the modeling world wants right now. It’s really catering more to the ‘she-looks-like-me’ type of models, the realistic looking women,” he explains.

Read the full article here.

Friday Feature: Ed Hall, Healthy Pets, and the World's First Smart Pet Bed

If you missed the Friday Feature about local rising star, Ed Hall, and his company Petrics, look no further:

Entrepreneurship is about solving a problem—about easing your customer's pain. Petrics, the pet healthcare company making IoT products and making waves in small business news lately, does it by making life easier for pet owners and healthier for pets. For its founder, Ed Hall, the path to startup stardom began with his mother. With three cats and a dog, Hall's mother found it impossible to keep track of which pets needed which foods in what amounts.

Enter Petrics.

Read more about the award-winning startup here!

Mentor Katrina Harrell on Nonprofits vs. Social Enterprises

The most recent Insights article is a perfect compliment to our "Grant Writing for Nonprofits and Social-Impact Ventures" event:

That said, a social enterprise can be either nonprofit or for-profit, as both are simply tax and legal structures. A social enterprise simply denotes that your business - whether it retains a profit or not - offers a solution to a social issue through its products or services.

Read the full article here and share it with your friends. See our other GWBJ insights here. We're always looking for contributors, too, so email our content coordinator, Nikki Kroushl, at if you'd like to contribute an article.