Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Incubator Space

The CIE's co-working space is a premier startup incubator facility. Designed for startups at the "napkin stage," the space is a large, shared working area for our tenants to use, accessible 24/7. This room is arranged to encourage a comfortable, creative working atmosphere. The co-working space can occasionally be utilized as an event space when extra room is needed.

Co-working space

Co-working Space Amenities

The co-working space is equipped with:

  • Mac desktops (access to Microsoft Office, the Adobe suite, and Xcode included)
  • Portable whiteboards and SMART board
  • Private sound-proof offices ("telephone booths")
  • A multi-device charging station
  • Various working and seating options with plenty of electrical outlets
  • A Relaxation Nook with flatscreen TV
  • The CORAL (Coastal Open Resource App Lab),
  • The ODL (Open Device Lab, where tenants can check out electronic equipment)
  • Basic office supplies
  • Lockers for personal belongings

Tenancy/Facility Amenities

In addition to receiving 24/7 access to the co-working space, tenants have access to:


Co-working tenants receive all of the amenities and benefits outlined above for up to 2 individuals in a startup for $110 per month.

The contract is made on a month-to-month basis, and tenants can cancel at any time with 30-day notice.


The co-working space is best suited for startups in technology, education, healthcare, marine science, and media production, among other things. It is not ideal for companies that need a brick-and-mortar storefront or established service providers. The Manager of Programs and Operations will determine whether individuals and companies are aligned with the mission and the quality experiences, people, and programs offered.

After these discussions, interested parties will meet with the Manager of Programs and Operations to review and sign the lease, and they will pay a refundable security deposit of $110. Tenant invoices are billed monthly via email.

Please email Laura Brogdon-Primavera, the Manager of Programs and Operations, at to inquire about becoming a tenant.

If you are only interested in membership, not tenancy, please click here.