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Tera Disc, LLC

TeraDisc was founded in late 2007 to revolutionize the drug discovery and medical research processes by deploying proprietary high performance computing based life sciences software. The founders, Ed Addison and Lawrence Husick, are both serial entrepreneurs with extensive experience in new IT and biotech ventures. As of right now, TeraDisc is a virtual company of 5 people in 4 different states, eventually aiming to have a physical office in North Carolina, and due to the active small business climate and lifestyle that Wilmington offers, Ed Addison states that Wilmington is the leading candidate. Also, TeraDisc has benefited from the UNCW Entrepreneurship Center through networking and identifying local people to help grow the business. The company has also recruited an experienced biochemist, Dr. Shahar Keinan from Duke University and supercomputer designer Jason Lockhart from Virginia Tech, as well as biotech industry expert advisors Bruce Dawson and Dr. Sandy Weinberg. The company has recruited Dr. Iulian Bobe, a drug discovery industry veteran, as Director of Business Development.

TeraDisc is developing the largest and most comprehensive life sciences computing platform in existence, based on Virginia Tech's award winning supercomputing cluster, System X. In a joint venture with Duke University called Affinity Biotechnology, TeraDisc is designing new early stage drugs for personalized medicine with its platform. TeraDisc focuses on rational drug design where high performance computing can be used to gain a competitive advantage. Using Inverse Design and its partnership with Duke University, TeraDisc has recently launched two rational drug design projects.They include: 1) a leukemia JAK7 inhibitor via a partnership with University of Florida, 2) T-cell lymphoma. Two additional cancer drugs in partnership with University of Florida are under review.

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