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Schedule Fly, Inc

After leaving his software consulting job in 2005, Wes Aiken wrote the first code for ScheduleFly, a software company, focused on helping restaurants with staff scheduling needs. Due to the simplistic approach and increasing need for efficient time management, ScheduleFly now services over 1000 restaurants. Aiken, a UNCW alum, saw the need for a simple, user friendly system to keep track of the ever changing, often times confusing schedules for restaurant employees while working as a waiter during college. There had to be a replacement for the sticky notes requesting shift changes, mid-week swaps, or managing who can and cannot make it. So after developing and running ScheduleFly from his closet for two years, Aiken teamed up with Tyler Rullman and Wil Brawley to focus on growing their customer base and creating more awareness about their technology in the restaurant industry.

Being a virtual company, the team can work wherever they chose. Aiken, a native Tarheel and UNCW alumni, chose Wilmington because of the ideal location and the friendly small business environment. The three owners are committed to building a lifestyle business that allows them to spend time with family and pursue personal interests while growing ScheduleFly. The UNCW Entrepreneurship Center has provided ScheduleFly an opportunity to meet and network with other likeminded business owners and discuss ways to overcome similar challenges. As with other small businesses, awareness and educating potential subscribers are two major challenges. ScheduleFly plans to increase visibility and awareness among customer with the assistance of the UNCWEC.

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