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Queensboro Shirt Company

Queensboro Shirt Company specializes in providing businesses, organizations, teams and individuals with customized embroidered logos on high quality polo and tee shirts, bags, hats and other garments and accessories. In 1995 Fred Myers moved the growing custom embroidery business from New York to Wilmington, NC. The change in geographic location was to 1) be closer to a supplier, and 2) relocate to a business-friendly environment which would foster growth and success. Queensboro grew from 25 employees at that time to the 100 happy team members who are employed today.

Meyers, President and Founder, says Wilmington is a perfect location because it is near the water, but not isolated. He says the city is filled with good people who work hard and enjoy the big city conveniences with the small town feel. Wilmington is a relatively inexpensive city to run a business, especially for the quality of life that the beautiful coastal town provides. The clean environment, arts and culture, diversity and access to the resources at UNCW is what continues to bring smart, motivated people to Wilmington year after year. Queensboro is excited about the growth potential in Wilmington as well as helping other small business and organizations succeed by offering unbeatable prices on quality, custom logo embroidery shirts the absolute best value (and most comfortable way!) to market a company's brand.

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