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Kids Making It

Kids Making it was founded in 1994 as a volunteer effort and a pilot program was launched in 1997. KMI has currently been working full-time with Wilmington's youth since 2000. Kids Making It is dedicated to teaching woodworking in a strong mentoring environment and instilling patience, pride, perseverance, confidence, teamwork and self-esteem. The kids are able to build character through community service projects and impart the truth of actions and consequences through the woodworking process.

Jeff Citrin, an Associate Director with Kids Making It, says they have been fortunate to develop strong relationships with other non-profits, community leaders, local businesses, UNCW, CFCC and our Wilmington Chamber of Commerce. Working together we have been able to offer expanded services and opportunities to our Wilmington Youth. KMI has recently helped a number of local kids overcome challenges. Citrin sees success every day in all of our kids from different background and socio-economic classes, who come together each afternoon to share tools and materials and work together to produce quality merchandise to sell to the public. We see them grow into mature, respected citizens in the process.

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