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Dry Pro, Inc. and Dry Case, Inc.

DryPro manufactures waterproof, vacuum-sealed covers, designed to improve customers quality of life. The core products include cast and bandage covers, PICC line covers, ostomy covers, and prosthetic covers. Going for a swim, taking a shower, or receiving hydrotherapy is no longer a problem. The DryPro cover is made of a high quality surgical rubber material and uses the DryPro pump to create the vacuum seal. In 2009, the DryPro team developed a new product that has become an instant success. DryCase is a clear waterproof bag that allows complete use of your phone or camera while keeping it dry and clean.

Many of the recreational activities in Wilmington are focused watersports, and DryPro enjoys the benefits from having such an active test market. Corey Heim, Chief Operating Officer and also an alumni of the UNCW Cameron School of Business, describes how new ideas evolve while kayaking, surfing, or paddleboarding in the local waters. He has also found the UNCW Entrepreneur Center to be a helpful resource. Brainstorming with other business owners involved in the UNCWEC and learning new strategies for negotiating terms with international suppliers are two areas that DryPro has found most helpful. Additionally, DryPro enjoys the young talent provided through UNCW student internships and encourages the students to provide valuable feedback on the products.

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