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Castle Branch

Castle Branch was started over 10 years ago and has expanded its services to provide employment, business and tenant screening as well as drug testing and investigative services. Their reputation and commitment to service has helped Castle Branch become the tenth largest background check company in the US. By offering a wide range of services, Castle Branch wants to continue to help businesses make safe and informed decisions.

The Wilmington area is especially unique for Castle Branch. With no other companies providing the same type of services, Castle Branch has found this area to be a high growth location. Also, the highly education population provides a number of qualified employees that also enjoy the work/life balance found in coastal North Carolina. Many employees for Castle Branch, both student interns and full-time workers have ties to UNCW. The UNCW Entrepreneur Center is also a vital link for Castle Branch to the community. The networking opportunities provided through UNCWEC offer a unique opportunity to introduce Castle Branch to new potential clients.