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Arrowhead Energy Corporation

Arrowhead Energy Corp. is a locally owned and operated solar energy company based in Wilmington, NC. With years of experience in the solar industry, Arrowhead Energy installers have the knowledge and expertise to deliver the finest solar energy solutions to our customers. Whether it is a small starter system or helping customers completely offset their usage, the optimized solar energy systems offered by Arrowhead give customers the flexibility and value to fit within their budget. The unique energy program will make your home more energy efficient while turning your roof into a cash-producing asset.

Pete Weppler has found Wilmington to be a high growth market because of the residential and commercial development and feels the population in this area will continue to increase, creating more potential clients for Arrowhead Energy. The UNCW Entrepreneurship Center provides a support structure for Arrowhead and helps brainstorm on how to be more specific on their target market. Interns, employees and being linked to the university are a few of the other benefits Pete has enjoyed from the UNCWEC.

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