Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Accomplishments in 2018 

  • Convened a collaborative production of a 12-segment video series "The Business of Shellfish Aquaculture"
  • Launched a pilot program to engage mentors with early-stage startups
  • Collaborated with New Hanover Regional Medical Center and tekMountain to develop a multi-session Innovation Boot Camp program
  • Held two Boot Camp sessions for NHRMC innovation teams with 25 participants
  • CIE and tekMountain collaborated on the 15th Annuel WITX (Wilmington Information Technology eXchange) Conference
  • CIE Mentor Group Program forms its first Quote Quest mentor team
  • CIE Media Team increased the total number of client projects since inception to 104
  • Co-hosted 10th Annual Coastal Entrepreneur Awards with the Greater Wilmington Business Journal and recognized the Top Ten for Ten winners in ten business categories
  • Managed and hosted the 3rd Annual UNCW Chancellor's High School Business Plan Competition
  • Held the first Wilmington-based Blockchain Summit
  • Collaborated with the Wilmington Cape Fear Home Builders Association to preper the Youth Entrepreneurship Program
  • The CIE Mentor Group Program pilot program has 50 volunteer mentors, three active committees, five vetted companies, one focus group meeting, and one active mentoring team
  • CIE Media Team produced a video for the Tommy Hilfiger Social Innovation Challenge semi-finalist and CIE member, Bear Fiber
  • The CIE Portfolio Program ended the fiscal year providing services to 23 entrepreneurs

Accomplishments in 2017 

Accomplishments in 2016

  • Launched youth entrepreneurship initiatives, including the Shark Tank Think Tank and High School Business Plan Competition
  • Hosted the second annual CIE Welcome Week with 350 attendees
  • Hosted its second IEI Discovery Forum
  • Brought the Paul Singh Tech Tour to Wilmington
  • Hosted 3 Day Startup
  • Hosted our first Hackathon
  • Cosponsored the second annual Cucalorus CONNECT festival
  • Celebrated Turnip Learning winning Port City Pitch and Special Pedals taking second place at the BB&T Leadership Symposium
  • Hosted 95 events

Accomplishments in 2015

  • Connected Pocket Palz with major manufacture/distribution company
  • Facilitated AroundCampus Group Internship Sales Team's success.
  • Appointed 25 distinguished business professionals to UNCW Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship's Advisory Board.
  • Hosted or sponsored over 20 events including a successful "Law Day" event which sold out.
  • Hosted frequent "Business Focus Group" events.

Accomplishments in 2014

  • Connected NextGlass, nCino, and other clients to NCTA which led to Wilmington winning multiple awards
  • EntreManureShip invests in Cape Fear Commerce
  • Encouraged clients and members to apply to CED Tech Venture for stage time and demo room - 5 participated
  • Made additions to the co-working space with community and student companies
  • EasyVote made the news in the Washington Post and Xconomy
  • Participated in Cucalorus 10x10 to create a short film with filmmaker, Khang Mai
  • Created a Tough Love Session in which startups competed for free SxSW badges for 2015
  • Aspirin Event which sold out
  • SBA named CIE as one of the top 50 Accelerators in the USA
  • Coastal Connect Conference had 300 people - Hugh Forrest was the keynote

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