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Our team is made up of senior-level UNCW Film Studies students. While our main function is to act as a resource for CIE Tenants, we also like to give back to the community by providing media services for local small business and UNCW faculty/staff. Our portfolio ranges from promo videos for clients' websites to Kickstarter videos for fundraisers to recorded seminars and Business Focus Groups here at the CIE. Our mission is to grow our own personal and professional experience while also helping local entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

You can see what we're up to on our Facebook page, and see examples of our past work on our Youtube channel.

We are now located in Room 1130 within the CIE building.


Our services are available to co-working tenants or CIE members at the Startup Level of $125 or higher.

Videography & Photography

  • Pitch Videos
  • Promotional Videos
  • Kickstarter or GoFundMe Videos
  • Demo and Training Videos
  • Recording Business Focus Groups and other events!
  • Headshots
  • Product Photos

Our team uses a Canon 5D Mark III DSLR, the Sony a7sII, with a variety of top of the line ultrasonic zoom lenses, Rokinon prime lenses, and high-quality sound recording equipment by Senheisser, as well as the ZOOM H6 sound mixer.

Graphic Design, Video/Photo Editing, and Animation

  • Help with logo design
  • Animating your logo
  • Creating graphics for your video(s)
  • Video editing
  • Touch-ups on headshots and product photos

Our team is trained in the Adobe Creative Suite.

If you are interested in media services, please fill out our quick and easy Media Request Form and we will contact you as soon as possible to schedule a *free consultation.

*Consultations are free for all CIE Members, Tenants, and UNCW Faculty/Staff/Students.

 Pricing (effective July 1)

  • Initial fee: $200 annually
  • Videography: $25/hr (per team member)
  • Photography: $25/hr (per team member)
  • Editing: $25/hr (per team member)

There is a $200 annual fee and up to 10 projects a year may be completed for your established business or startup.

Once projects are approved and admin fees paid, interested parties will sign a contract agreeing on the payment of hourly labor rates for Media Team members working on the projects (see above).

We do not charge equipment rental fees. However, if a client has a special request for equipment we do not have, then we will charge rental fees for equipment we have to rent from an outside source.

Any projects already in progress are subject to the previous rate of $15/hour (per team member)


Creative Director: Vacant

Business Manager: Madison Bowen

Team Members:  Harry Adams, Felix Carlson, Danny Rabinowitz


The CIE Media Team has a set quota for projects each month and per client. We approach requests on a first-come-first-serve basis, based on the results from our online media request form. If we are at quota, we will place you on a waitlist and keep you posted on our progress. Our team will not complete requests that give less than two weeks' notice, either orally or written. We will no longer work on blooper reels, highlight reels, or any project that does not involve setting up a shoot date, with the exception of fixing edits from projects created by the CIE Media Team in the past.