MSW Teaching Assistantships & Financial Aid

  • Teaching Assistantships: A number of Teaching Assistantship positions will be available for MSW students. This requires students to work with a professor for which they are compensated for each academic semester.
  • Out-of-state tuition remission: One award is given annually to an out-of-state applicant who is also working as a teaching assistant; this will allow the individual to pay in-state tuition rates.
  • New Scholar Award: A scholarship of $1,000 per year is awarded to an outstanding applicant.
  • Graduate Tuition Scholarships: The School of Social Work has a limited number of scholarships to award to our students each year. The award is for $1,000 for the academic year to offset tuition and fees, and is awarded to seven students whose financial need is the greatest. In order to apply for this assistance, you must submit a FAFSA form to the Financial Aid office.