University Studies


Placement Exams:

University Studies Competency Requirements:

In October 2017 the Faculty Senate voted to reduce the required hours of Writing Intensive and Information Literacy from 9 hours to 6, beginning for students next year (2018-2019 catalogue).

Writing Intensive (WI):

  • Overview
  • Transfer students who enter UNCW with at least 45 hours are eligible to earn 3 hours of Writing Intensive (WI) competency credit via the CLEP College Composition exam. Please note that the 3 hours earned via these tests CANNOT be used to fulfill the WI in the major requirement. Test results may take up to 8 weeks for processing, so students should plan accordingly.
  • The cost is $108 ($80 for the test + $28 administrative fee).
  • To earn WI credit, eligible students:
    • Must score at least a 50 on the CLEP College Composition test (NOT the Composition Modular test)
    • Can register for the exam at UNCW's Testing Services (910-962-7444 or Students can schedule to take the exam at UNCW or at any other testing site.
    • Should select UNCW (code: 5907) as the recipient institution when registering for the exam
    • Should notify Dr. Paul Townend of their score. The Office of the AVC and Dean of Undergraduate Studies will confirm the partial fulfillment of the requirement with the Registrar's Office.

Information Literacy (IL):

  • Overview
  • Link to the exam (last opportunity to take the exam is March 30, 2018). This exam is for transfer students only. The cost of the exam is $85. Exam Preparation.

Both WI and IL Courses Without a Prerequisite:

  • ANT 310: The Ancient Maya
  • ANT 312: Collapse. The fall of Complex Civilizations
  • COM 320: Interpersonal Communication II
  • ENG 202: Introduction to Journalism (Prereq: ENG 201 or ENG 103)
  • ENG 204: Introduction to Professional Writing
  • HST 290: The Practice of History
  • PAR 364: Religious Views of Death and Dying
  • PAR 371: Buddhism
  • PAR 373: Chinese Religions
  • PAR 374: Japanese Religions
  • THR 165: Dramatic Heritage: Study and Analysis of Plays