Video/Interview Instructions

Step 1: Create an Account

UNCW video on how to create an account:

Option 1: you already have a Gmail account – just click on the “sign in button” and use your Gmail Information

Option 2: you do not have a Gmail account – you will need to create one

  1. To Create a YouTube Account, YouTube will ask you to create a “Google Account” (click on “Sign In”).
  2. Then click on “Create an Account” You can set one up using your current Gmail account. If you do not have a Gmail account, you will need to set one up. There will be a link that says “I would like a new Gmail address”. 
    1. Fill out the form. (name, email address,”etc.)
    2. Create a password and then confirm your password.
    3. Be sure to unclick “Set Google as my default homepage” unless you truly do want Google as your homepage.
    4. Then click on next step and proceed forward until your account is set up.

Step 2: Filming

You can use a digital camera, a video recorder or your cell phone or any other element (GoPro, etc.) to record your video. You will always want to be sure that whatever format you use, it is one that can be supported by the YouTube functions.


Record your video on a recording device (as listed above).

  1. Option 1- you can upload it to your computer and then follow the directions below to upload it into YouTube.
  2. Option 2 - if you are using a mobile device (such as an Android OS, I-phone, etc.). You can send the video straight to YouTube from your phone. You will just need to log in first.

*Note: be careful not to exceed the YouTube limits on time allocation.

Please note as of January 16, 2015 – the webcam feature in YouTube (to record video) will not be available.

Step 3: Upload Your Video

Go to, then click on the upload button. This link shows specific instructions (in video format) on how to upload a video:

Steps for Uploading through YouTube:

  1. Sign into your YouTube account.
  2. Click on the upload button.
    1. Option 1: you can drag and drop the video onto the page.
    2. Option 2: you can click on the upload icon and then choose your video and then upload it.
  3. Set up any titles, descriptions, etc. here.
  4. Now click on any other specific elements.
  5. PRIVACY SETTINGS (IMPORTANT) Be sure to click on the “unlisted” button.
  6. “Finished” – now click on the done button.
  7. Copy and paste URL into admissions application form.