Instructor leading an activity class on stage in a gym.

Physical Activity and Wellness (PED 101)

Welcome to Physical Activity and Wellness (PED 101). Physical Activity and Wellness provides theoretical knowledge, fundamental concepts and practical experience in the principles, assessment, development and lifelong maintenance of personal wellness. This course presents a focus on effecting positive changes in personal health behaviors for improved quality of life.

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Course Content and Format

Physical Activity and Wellness counts as two credit hours and includes a lecture section and a lab section that must be taken simultaneously. The lecture and lab fulfill the University Studies Lifespan Wellness requirement.

Lecture sections are presented in an online format.

Lecture topics include the following: Introduction to Wellness | Self-Responsibility & Love | Breathing | Sensing | Eating | Moving | Feeling | Thinking | Playing & Working | Communicating | Intimacy | Finding Meaning | Transcending | Wellness Vision Mapping and Goal Setting.

A wide variety of lab activities are offered and include the following: Physical Activity and Wellness | Lifestyle and Outdoor Physical Activity | Aerobic Fitness | Muscular Fitness | Mobility, Flexibility and Breath | Energy Management | The Impact of Physical Activity on Thinking and Feeling | Long-term Commitment to Physical Activity | Additional topics specific to lab.

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Pre-Activity Screening

To ensure safety, all PED 101 students are required to complete a pre-activity screening. More information can be found here.

Substitution Waiver

For students that would like to substitute courses completed at other academic institutions or request a course waiver, visit our Waiver and Substitution Guidelines page .

Distance Education

A fully online version of PED 101 is available for UNCW Extension and Distance Education students. To learn more about this version of the course, view our information page .

Instructor Resources

Resources for PED 101 faculty can be accessed through the PED 101 Instructor Notebook on Canvas .

Students With Physical Limitations

Students with physical limitations, due to a documented disability or chronic health condition, may request reasonable modifications or adaptations in order to participate to their greatest extent possible, while maintaining the course objectives. Students that are unable to engage in physical activity, due to a documented disability or chronic health condition, may request a substitution of PED 101 that does not require physical activity. Requests for modifications, adaptations and substitutions for these reasons must go through the Disability Resource Center. For more information, view the official document .

Students with “temporary conditions,” such as injuries or short-term illnesses, are expected to enroll in PED 101 when the condition subsides, unless extenuating circumstances exist. In such a case, the student may ask their request be considered and will need to provide a justification for the exception.


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