Recreation, Sport Leadership & Tourism Management Internship Information

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Recreational Sports Leadership Option

Students selecting this option desire to find employment in recreational sport and/or fitness settings. These may include university campus recreation sports, local and regional sports clubs, and fitness centers. Classes include courses in facility management, inclusive recreation, planning and managing sports leagues, and leadership.

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Public/Non-Profit Option

Students selecting this option focus their study on working with municipal, state and federal parks and recreation departments, YMCAs, Boys' and Girls' Clubs, and other outdoor recreation settings. Classes include information in facility management, inclusive recreation, communication and leadership.

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Tourism and Commercial Recreation Option

Individuals selecting this option are prepared for management in a range of tourism and commercial recreation settings including cruise ships, theme parks, tour operators, spas, resorts and hotels, and professional meeting and event planning. Courses include resort and spa management, assessment of tourism's economic, environmental and social impacts, an introduction to commercial recreation and tourism industries, and convention and meeting planning.

For more information on careers in these industries, view our document of professional associations in RSLTM.