Professor teaches elementary-aged students how to exercise

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We are excited that you are considering the School of Health and Applied Human Sciences (SHAHS) as the place that will help you soar!

The SHAHS has six undergraduate degree programs:

The SHAHS also has Master of Science degree programs in:

and supports a Masters of Arts in Teaching and a Masters of Education concentration in Physical Education and Health through the Watson College of Education.

Minors are offered in:

The SHAHS is home to the WPA 101 Physical Activity and Wellness course which satisfies the Lifetime Wellness component of University Studies which is a requirement of all UNCW undergraduate students. The WPA 101 program includes participation in physical activity, increased awareness and development of the physical, spiritual, emotional, social, and intellectual components of wellness, becoming an informed health consumer, and the application of healthy lifestyle choices for improved quality of life.

If you have an interest in helping others lead healthier, happier lives, whether it is healthy living through disease prevention/health promotion, motor skill acquisition/production or helping persons through the aging process, this is the place for you!