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Exercise Science (B.S.)

The Exercise Science program is a competency-driven curriculum for students who are interested in applying the scientific principles of exercise, fitness, health and wellness within the clinical, government, corporate, industrial, private, commercial and academic venues. Exercise Science students must complete the exercise science core courses and then, choose one of two concentrations: The Allied Health concentration or The Exercise Physiology Certification concentration.

The Allied Health concentration provides a platform leading to careers such as, but not limited to, physical therapy, physician assistant, occupational therapy and clinical exercise physiology.

The Exercise Physiology Certification concentration, when combined with nationally-recognized certifications, leads to careers such as, but not limited to, personal training, strength and conditioning specialist, commercial/corporate employee fitness director and exercise physiologist.

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  • Admissions
    • Students can declare Pre-Exercise Science after completion of 24 credit hours and a 2.0 or higher UNCW GPA.
    • Admission into the Exercise Science major requires a 2.7 UNCW GPA or higher, and a C or higher in MAT 111 (or above), BIO/L 201, CHM/L 101, and EXS 210.
    • Once students have met these requirements, they can declare Exercise Science in My Seaport.  An application is not required.
    • Students must also choose from one of two concentration options when declaring their pre-major and major: Exercise Physiology Certification (EPC, geared toward personal training, strength and conditioning, or master’s programs in Exercise Science) or Allied Health (geared toward prospective PT, OT, and PA applicants who require additional science prerequisites).
    • A 2.7 overall GPA is required to take 300-400 level courses in the major.
    • All students must complete all core and concentration courses with a grade of C or above.
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Exercise Science, B.S. / Applied Gerontology, M.S.

The purpose of the combined Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science and Master of Science degree in Applied Gerontology program is to offer an accelerated path toward a Master of Science degree that prepares graduates to work in healthcare and community-based settings serving older adults. Graduates from this program are also trained to be leaders in the intersections of exercise science, gerontology, and wellness.

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