Lidio Lima de Albuquerque, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Lidio Lima de AlbuquerqueLidio Albuquerque is originally from Brazil and got his first B.S. in Journalism, which resulted in a short documentary about the women’s movement in his hometown, Recife. He quickly transitioned to the field of Exercise Science, with a primary focus on clinical populations. As an undergraduate, he studied abroad at The University of Western Australia to specialize in motor learning, musculoskeletal rehabilitation, and neurological disorders.

His masters and doctorate degrees were granted by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Since 2014, Dr. Albuquerque investigates the effects of different forms of non-invasive brain stimulation on skill acquisition, motor learning, and performance. His dissertation involved the use of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) to improve motor learning when applied over the cerebellum in Parkinson’s Disease. Moreover, he uses tDCS over the motor cortex as a potential performance-enhancing technique for sporting movements in healthy populations. Dr. Albuquerque has taught courses in strength & conditioning, neurophysiology of movement, anatomy and physiology, and human motor development. Inclusively is paramount in his teaching, which motivates him to seek continuous development on the topic.