School of Nursing Travels to UK for a Study Abroad Experience

School of Nursing Travels to UK for a Study Abroad Experience

In May, School of Nursing students and faculty traveled to the UK for a study abroad experience.

The study abroad program titled, “The history of nursing and healthcare in the UK,” is a part of the NSG 346 Evolution of Professional Nursing course developed by Associate Professor April Matthias, which focuses on the importance of studying nursing history for contemporary nursing.

The students—five RN-BSN, four prelicensure and one pre-nursing—and faculty traveled to London, England for five days and Edinburgh, Scotland for two days, where they engaged in a number of educational activities. In London, they visited and listened to a lecture at the Florence Nightingale Museum and the Old Operating Theatre and Herb Garrett, attended a lecture on the history of medicine at the Royal College of Physicians, took a walking medical tour of the city, and toured the Royal College of Nursing where they attended a lecture by Nurse Historian, Dr. Claire Chatterton. While in Edinburgh, they experienced a walking medical tour of the city and a visit to Surgeon's Hall Museum. Cultural immersion of the UK was experienced through a variety of free time excursions to include a visit to Piccadilly Circus and the Wellcome Collection, a ride on the London Eye, and a tour of Edinburgh Castle, to name just a few.

“It is extremely important for students to be global citizens,” Matthias said. “This begins with experiencing and appreciating other cultures. A study abroad experience provides such exposure for the students. It is also important for nurses and future nurses to appreciate the profession’s history.”

Matthias said she heard her students say many times while abroad: “Wow, I didn’t realize that or know that about nursing or nurses.”

As a side adventure, Matthias, along with Prelicensure Program Coordinator Brandy Mechling, visited Windsor and experienced the Royal Wedding with several of the students.

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