Nursing Associate Professor Inducted in Prestigious National League for Nursing Academy of Nursing Education

Nursing Associate Professor Inducted in Prestigious National League for Nursing Academy of Nursing Education

On Sept. 14, School of Nursing Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Master of Nursing Science Nurse Educator Program, Elizabeth Gazza (Ph.D., RN, LCCE, FACCE) was inducted in the National League for Nursing (NLN) Academy of Nursing Education (ANEF).

Gazza was one of 14 nurse educators inducted into the twelfth class of fellows.

According to the NLN website, the NLN ANEF “fosters excellence in nursing education by recognizing and capitalizing on the wisdom of outstanding individuals inside and outside the profession who have contributed to nursing education in sustained and significant ways.”

The application process is competitive. The Academy of Nursing Education Review Panel reviews “applicants’ contributions to innovative teaching and/or learning strategies; nursing education research; faculty development activities; academic leadership; promotion of public policy that advances nursing education; and/or collaborative educational, practice or community partnerships.”  Dr. Gazza was selected because of her substantial and enduring contributions in the area of nurse faculty development, which is the focus of her scholarship.

“Dr. Gazza is an expert nurse educator, innovator and strong leader who has positively influenced students and faculty at public and private institutions,” Duquesne University Clinical Professor, Joan Lockhart said in her nomination letter.

Gazza said her dedication and passion to developing expert nursing faculty is rooted in her extensive practice as a nurse educator. Her vision has been to make a difference in nursing education by ensuring faculty work in healthful environments, are supported and have the knowledge and skills needed to fully function in their role and, ultimately, to advance excellence in nursing education. She advances this vision by leading the development of expert nursing faculty at the national, state and local levels. She has collaborated with national leaders in nursing education to address healthful work environments; ensure nursing faculty are supported in their role by a community of mentors; and generate new knowledge that advances innovation and teaching by faculty in nursing education. She enlists her colleagues to lead change in areas of nursing education that challenge nursing faculty, including scholarly writing and online education.

Gazza went on to say her vision has been realized through substantial publications, presentations, research to advance the science of nursing education specific to faculty development; mentoring of current and future nurse faculty; and service in state and national organizations where she can develop a strong and diverse workforce in nursing education.

“Dr. Gazza’s career contributions toward developing expert nursing faculty members is significant work, because faculty impact nursing students daily.” Minnesota State University School of Nursing Professor Patricia Young said, who was also nominated Gazza for induction.

As a fellow, Gazza will provide visionary leadership in nursing education and in the Academy, and support the vision of the National League for Nursing.

“Being designated as a fellow by the premier organization for nurse educators demonstrates that my contributions to teaching, scholarship and service continue to influence nursing education and faculty development at the national level and beyond,” Gazza said. “I am proud to be a member of such a distinguished academy and I will continue to mentor my nurse educator colleagues so that they too can achieve this honor.”