Public Health Student to Receive Outstanding Undergraduate Major of the Year Award

Public Health Student to Receive Outstanding Undergraduate Major of the Year Award

4/21 - Public health senior Paige Lundberg has been selected to receive the Eta Sigma Gamma (ESG) National Commission for Health Education Credentialing (NCHEC) Outstanding Undergraduate Major of the Year Award.

The Outstanding Undergraduate Major of the Year Award is given to one student from each institution that offers a health education academic program and is intended to recognize students for their involvement and commitment to the field during their time in the program. Lundberg will receive the award on April 5, during a virtual award ceremony at the annual Society of Public Health Education (SOPHE) conference.

“Being chosen to receive this award is really an honor, because I have so many great peers in the public health program who I see as equally deserving,” Lundberg said. “I think it's a testament to the value of hard work and the value of teamwork, because, even though it's an individual award, I know I couldn’t have been as involved or successful as I have been the last four years without the wonderful support network that was there for me along the way.”

Before coming to UNCW, Lundberg had never heard of public health. She started as a biology major, but after realizing it was not the right path for her, she explored other degree options and discovered public health. Upon reviewing the course requirements for the program, she said she immediately knew that it was the perfect fit.

“I see public health as synonymous with progress,” Lundberg said. “Being in public health, I know I'm working towards improving quality of life for a community or group that needs it. Whether it's at the forefront with education, behind the scenes with policy, or in some other form of fieldwork, it's always going to make a difference for someone.”

Lundberg says she feels really lucky to have stumbled upon public health and is hopeful that the passion she has for community health work will help others understand the importance of it, too.

Eta Sigma Gamma is the National Honorary for Health Education, and was established in 1967 at Ball State University. ESG serves students and the profession through service, teaching and research and has grown to include 80 chapters throughout the United States (including the Epsilon Nu chapter here at UNCW).

Lundberg serves as vice president of ESG for the 2020-21 academic year in addition to assisting the current president with administrative duties, such as planning meetings, setting up forms and documents, identifying volunteer service hour opportunities and continuing communication with our members.

Lundberg is grateful to everyone who has been with her throughout her time at UNCW, “Whether a relationship from the public health department, CHHS, or student affairs, there are so many students, faculty, and staff who I could not be more grateful for because of their impact and influence on my undergraduate experience. It's very humbling, and I am excited to put this new accolade to good use after graduating.”