Disabled boy plays baseball

Miracle Field

The Miracle League of Wilmington is a program of Accessible Coastal Carolina Events Sports and Services, Inc. (ACCESS) of Wilmington and is supported through a partnership with UNCW. The partnership agreement between ACCESS of Wilmington and UNCW, signed in May 2014, supports the development of ACCESS' vision of creating an education and sports center that is available to all ages, races and abilities through UNCW's support with student applied learning experiences, faculty research and evidence-based programming.

The Miracle League provides the opportunity for people who have never experienced the joy of playing sports. Currently, people with disabilities, ages four to 99, can play baseball on a specialized field made of flat, rubberized turf, designed for accessibility by players using wheelchairs, walkers and othermobility devices. The vision for this sports center includes the development of additional sports, incorporation of family-driven ideas, after school programs, camps, tournaments, fitness programs, skill development and the list of possibilities goes on!

The BRAX Stadium PPD Miracle Field is located at 5510 Olsen Park Lane in Wilmington. For information about how to register, click here.