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County Brunswick Columbus New Hanover Onslow Pender
Priorities Obesity Reduction Efforts esp. Schools Chronic disease Obesity Adults overweight & obese Access to Care
Diabetes Education & Support Obesity Violence Tobacco Use Chronic disease
Provide Health Screening Efforts in the Community esp. Schools Access to care Obesity
Issues Reducing the number of women who smoke while pregnant Lack of insurance Unintentional poisonings Second-hand smoke in the workplace Changing demographics
Hypertension Drugs & alcohol Underage drinking Adult smokers Health behavior
Diabetes education & support Mental health
Colorectal cancer awareness
Health screenings

Summary of Community Health Assessments in the Five Counties

In reviewing the Community Health Assessments, including summary or supplemental documents, and the State of the County Health Reports, to obtain the most recent information for Brunswick, Columbus, New Hanover, Onslow and Pender Counties, the following priorities (concerns/issues) were noted:

Brunswick County - Chronic Disease, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, and Obesity

Columbus County - Heart Disease, Cancer, and Stroke

New Hanover County - Chronic Disease, Obesity, and Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Onslow County - Tobacco Use, PTSD, and DUI

Pender County - Obesity, Aging, and Diabetes

Each county created a priority around obesity, three counties addressed chronic health, two counties addressed access to care.

Brunswick, New Hanover and Pender Counties have established Action Plans and have noted progress towards their goals. While Columbus and Onslow counties are in the action planning stage having completed their assessments in 2012.