Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Marine and Atmospheric

Dr. Brooks Avery

Brooks Avery

  • Global carbon cycling in the atmosphere, water column, and sediments anthropogenic and biogenic).
  • Effect of global warming and sea level rise on the remineralization of organic matter in coastal and estuarine sediments.
  • Biogeochemical controls on methyl mercury production and flux in estuarine sediments.
  • Isotopic characterization of carbon to elucidate sources and cycling of organic matter.

Dr. Bob Kieber

Robert Kieber

  • Air sea exchange processes especially as they relate to global warming issues.
  • Trace metal speciation in estuarine and atmospheric waters.
  • Photochemically mediated processes and their impact on environmental systems.

Dr. Steve Skrabal

Steve Skrabal

  • Marine and environmental geochemistry.
  • Speciation and cycling of trace metals (especially Hg) in natural waters.
  • Sediment-water exchange in estuaries and coastal waters.

Dr. Wendy Strangman

Wendy Strangman

  • Microbial natural products drug discovery
  • Natural products structure elucidation 
  • Mass spectrometry-based bioassay development for drug discovery
  • Mass spectometry-based environmental metabolomics

Dr. R. Thomas Williamson

Thomas Williamson

  • Application of novel screening technologies for marine natural products drug discovery
  • Structure determination of marine and terrestrial natural products
  • Application and method development in NMR spectroscopy
  • Online organic reaction and bioprocess monitoring & mechanistic studies
  • Chemical ecological studies in the context of drug-discovery