Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Chemistry faculty and student in the NMR room


There are five core graduate only courses offered each year: Advanced Inorganic Chemistry, Advanced Organic Chemistry, Advanced Physical Chemistry, Advanced Analytical Chemistry and Advanced Biochemistry.  Each graduate student must take three of these courses in order to graduate.  Each core course builds on material in the undergraduate curriculum that enables students to think more deeply about fundamental chemical concepts.  In addition to core courses, several specialty graduate classes are offered.  In cross listed undergraduate courses instructors require graduate students to attend additional lectures, write additional papers, or take more comprehensive examinations.

Required Courses

CHM 501 Introduction to Chemical Research (2)
CHM 595 Graduate Seminar (2)
CHM 599 Thesis (3-6)
And at least three of the following courses:
CHM 516 Advanced Organic Chemistry (3)
CHM 521 Advanced Physical Chemistry (3)
CHM 536 Advanced Analytical Chemistry (3)
CHM 546 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (3)
CHM 568 Advanced Biochemistry (3)

Additional Course Offerings:

CHM 512 Mass Spectrometry & Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy(3)
CHM 517 Medicinal Chemistry (3)
CHM 545 Inorganic Chemistry (3)
CHM 574 Aquatic Chemistry (3)
CHM 575 Chemical Oceanography (3)
CHM 576 Chemical and Physical Analysis of Seawater (3)
CHM 579/MSC 579 Role of the Oceans in Human Health (3)
CHM 585 Industrial and Polymer Chemistry (3)
CHM 586 Fundamentals of Heterocycles with emphasis on Pharmaceuticals (3)
CHM 591 Directed Independent Study
CHM 592 Special Topics (1-3)