Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Mass Spectrometer

Mass spectrometery is a power analytical tool for the characterization and identification of both small molecules and large proteins. The MS facilities hosts several MS spectrometers, including the Bruker micrOTOF-Q II and Bruker amaZon SL which are located in MARBIONC 2018. These two instruments are interfaced with Agilent 1290 UHPLC allowing users to do LC-MS. All MS spectrometers are available to all researchers and students at UNCW. Access of the instrumentation in the MS Facility is obtained via training by Dr. Ralph Mead or Richard Lancaster (instrumentation lab). Training details for new users can be found in the Documents section. The MS Facilities currently does not service external users (i.e. local companies). The primary users of the NMR lab are from the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department, but CheIF welcomes researchers from different colleges. Extensive users should provide solvents and columns. 

Please contact Dr. Ralph Mead, or Richard Lancaster, for information.