Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

BrukerGC_Scion                       Varian_3500GC

       Bruker 456 GC- Scion TQ MS                           Varian 3800 GC- Saturn 200 Ion Trap MS

                   EI and CI sources                                                                          EI source
           SHS-40 headspace sampler                                                       CP-8400 autosampler
                 CP-8400 autosampler                                                              1079 PTV injector
      EVOQ triple quadrupole (TQ) detector                                    1177 SSL injector (split/splitless)

Agilent1200                          Agilent1260_ELSD

       Agilent 1200 Analytical HPLC                              Agilent 1260 Infinity HPLC with ELSD

     Quaternary gradient pumps- 400 bar                                         Binary gradient pumps- 600 bar
          Max flow rate up to 10 mL/min                                               Max flow rate up to 5 mL/min
Fluorescence and variable wavelength detector                                     Diode array detector  

Agilent1260prep                                     Raman

    Agilent 1260 Infinity Prep HPLC                                Snowy Range Raman Spectroscopy

         Binary gradient pumps- 400 bar                                                 Flexible three way sampling
           Max flow rate at 100 mL/min                                Orbital Raster Sampling (ORS)- high S/N and sensitivity
                 Fraction collector                                                        Available for solid and solution samples

PerkinElmer_ICP                           JascoUV-Vis

Perkin Elmer Optima DV 2100 ICP-OES                                  Jasco V730 UV-VIS

                  S-10 autosampler                                                     Wide wavelength range (190 to 1100 nm)
                    CCD detector                                                                 High scan speed (8,000 nm/min)
         Dual Echelle monochromator