Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

JUNE 3, 2020

A Statement from Chairpersons and Directors at UNCW:

We mourn with the victims of racist violence across the United States. We know the names George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. Yet, our society inflicts countless acts of injustice and brutality on black and brown people continually. We do not know how to name them all.

We share the anger and the hope of those who are protesting racism across America. We are taking steps to confront racism within our university, and we support every member of our community who chooses to do this important work alongside us. There is no middle ground between racism and anti-racism. We commit ourselves to confronting racist ideologies, sentiments, and actions, as we wish to see UNCW live true to its values of diversity, integrity, and excellence.

We as chairpersons and directors will lead, teach, research, and serve in ways that address the challenges and the aspirations articulated in this statement and our chancellor's.


Bill Alexander, Anthropology

Paulo Almeida, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Martha Andrews, Management

Diana Ashe, Center for Teaching Excellence & Center for Faculty Leadership

Shawn Bingham, Honors

Jess Boersma, Applied Learning

Frank Bongiorno, Music

Theodore Burgh, Philosophy and Religion

Cem Canel, Congdon School of Supply Chain, Business Analytics and Information Systems

Marsha Carr, Educational Leadership

James DeVita, Applied Learning

Steve Elliot, Health and Applied Human Sciences

Doug Gamble, Earth and Ocean Sciences

David Gessner, Creative Writing

Tiffany Gilbert, English

Curry Guinn, Computer Science

Linda Haddad, Nursing

Russ Herman, Mathematics and Statistics

Heidi Higgins, Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle, Literacy, and Special Education

Jeff Hill, Environmental Sciences

Mariana Johnson, Film Studies

Adam Jones, Economics and Finance

Julian Keith, Psychology

Amy Kirschke, Theatre

Raymonde Kleinberg, Public and International Affairs

Stacey Kolomer, Social Work

Heather Koopman, Biology and Marine Biology

Dan Masters, International Studies

Michael Maume, Sociology and Criminology

David Mautz, Accountancy and Business Law

Dylan McNamara, Physics and Physical Oceanography

Derrick Miller, World Languages and Cultures

Lynn Mollenauer, History

Richard Olsen, Communication Studies

Amy Reamer, NC State 2+2 Engineering Transfer Program at UNCW

Colleen Reilly, Center for Teaching Excellence & Center for Faculty Leadership

Thomas Salzman, Theatre

Lisa Scribner, Marketing

Dana Stachowiak, Gender Studies and Research Center

Matthew TenHuisen, Center for Teaching Excellence & Center for Faculty Leadership

Candace Thompson, Instructional Technology, Foundations and Secondary Education

Patricia Turrisi, Graduate Liberal Studies

Aaron Wilcox, Art and Art History