Office of the Chancellor

Substance Abuse Advisory Committee 2019-2020


Mr. Titus Adeleke  
Dean of Students

Ms. Jen Adler              
Associate Director, Crossroads

Ms. Nicole Barr

Ms. Elisabeth Baynard 

Dr. Hannah Catalano

Mr. Paul Cole 
Assessment, Research & Planning

Dr. Kristen DeVall
Sociology & Criminology/CAS

Ms. Amy Hathcock  
University College

Ms. Leigh Lane  
Health Promotions & Crossroads

Ms. Jennie McNeilly
Dean of Students

Ms. Lindsey Nanney
Health & Applied Human Sciences

Dr. Nora Noel
Department of Psychology

Mr. Chris Padgett
University Police

Dr. Mark Perez-Lopez  
Director, Counseling Center

Mr. Nicholas Pianovich
SGA, President

Dr. Noell Rowan
School of Social Work, CHHS

Ms. Meghan Sullivan
Health Promotion & Crossroads

Ms. Toi Utley 
University Police

Dr. Katrin Wesner       
Director of Abrons Student Health Center 

Student Representatives:

Ms. Lean Beckmann 
Crossroads Grad Student

Ms. Laura Bryson
Crossroads Peer

Mr. Kyle Glover
SGA, Representative

Ms. Ashlyn Shaw
Crossroads Peer

Ms. Madison Vilseck
Crossroads Peer