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CESTEM's Spotlight Series

We are so excited to announce the first two installments of CESTEM’s new Spotlight Series!

During these free, open house style sessions, you can try out CESTEM’s technology for yourself, consider curricular connections, ask questions, and network with others. Click to read the full article in the Watson Chronicle.

Thursday 11/10 -  BBC micro:bit
Come explore the BBC micro:bit, a pocket-sized device designed to teach students coding skills. As K-12 students program the micro:bit using the free browser based platform, Microsoft MakeCode editor, they will learn more about how software interacts with the hardware. There is no need to download any software and even without the micro:bit, students can run their programs using the online micro:bit simulator. Drop by to see some practical applications of the micro:bit to use with your students.

Wednesday 11/16 – Bee Bots & Pro Bots
Bee Bots are programmable floor robots designed specifically to introduce younger children to coding. They are easy to operate and perfect for teaching sequencing, estimation, problem-solving and much more. Ideal for grades K-2, this technology is easy to integrate into writing and mathematics.

The Pro Bot is a Car with a built-in LCD screen to make coding the device easy. Pro Bots are programmable floor robots like the Bee Bot but have many more options when comes to coding. They are great for grades 3 and up. Ideal for investigating geometry through critical thinking and problem-solving. With a place for a marker, the Pro Bot can draw the coded path for quick feedback.

  • Time: Arrive any time between 5 PM- 7 PM. Stay as long as you like.
  • Location: CESTEM Office (UNCW Campus, MacMillan Modular – 626 MacMillan Avenue, Wilmington, NC 28403)
  • Parking: Admin Annex Lot – across the street from modular
  • Cost: FREE!
  • Questions? Contact Michelle Hafey at hafeym@uncw.edu or 910-962-3168
Stay tuned for more info on these upcoming spotlights:
12/8 - Vernier Renewable Energy
1/10 - Family Engagement Materials

We look forward to seeing you there!