Science Fair Resources

  • Handbook for Judges - adaptation from North Carolina State Science Fair Judges Handbook.
  • Math Projects for Science Fairs - To date there have not been a lot of mathematics projects in the science fairs and the authors believe that one reason for this might be that it is not at all clear what a mathematics project might involve. To help shed some light on this problem the authors have prepared a list of possible projects and many references on topics that could make exciting and interesting projects.
  • The WWW Virtual Library - Science fairs are held around the world. If you want to see what others are doing, this site has links to local, regional, state, foreign and even VIRTUAL science fairs.
  • Science Fairs and Science Projects - This site contains everything that teachers and students need to know about science fairs including links to the best resources on the Internet. If you are looking for great science fair videos or any printed materials, check out this web site.
  • The Internet Public Library - The IPL contains the Science Fair Resource Guide that offers teachers, students and parents a complete listing of web sites dedicated to science fairs and projects. The site provides links to how to do a science fair project, samples, ideas, magazines and resources. This site is arranged from the basic to the most detailed, with special notes to teachers and parents.
  • MadSci Net - This site contains links and resources on everything you ever wanted to know about science fairs from age-specific ideas for projects to learning how to put a science fair together. Some of the links include: School Science Fair Homepage, Science Fair Idea Exchange, The Society of Amateur Scientists, Practical Hints for Science Fair Projects and Yahoo's listing of science fairs.
  • The Discovery Channel's Science Fair Studio - The "Student" sections are Handbook, Project Ideas, Links and Books. The "Teacher" section deals with issues related to organizing a science fair. The "Parent" section titled "Helping Your Young Scientist" emphasizes that the most important outcome of your child's science project is the joy and learning that comes from scientific discovery-not winning a competition! It provides helpful hints to parents about selecting a project and resources available.
  • Intel International Science and Engineering Fair The ISEF is the Olympics, the World Cup and the World Series of science competitions. Held annually in May, the Intel ISEF brings together over 1,200 students from 48 states and 40 nations to compete for scholarships, tuition grants, internships, scientific field trips and the grand prize: a trip to attend the Nobel Prize Ceremonies in Stockholm, Sweden. Science Service founded the ISEF in 1950 and is very proud to have Intel as the title sponsor of this prestigious, international competition.
  • Science Buddies - Hands-on scientific investigations are acknowledged to be the best way to teach science literacy. Science Buddies supports these activities by providing free science fair project ideas, answers, and tools to teachers, parents, and students from all walks of life. Our objective is to save our users' time while guiding them to a successful outcome. By reducing the hassles of doing a science fair project, Science Buddies aspires to improve project quality and increase science fair participation, turning a good learning experience into a great one.