Professional Development Workshop Descriptions


StarLab Portable Planetarium Workshop - October 18, 2018: 

Learn how to use the cylinder based portable planetarium and find fun ways to introduce Astronomy in your classroom.  This system also allows you to project other topics in addition to the stars.  Only participants completing this workshop will be able to check out the StarLab For more information, click here to view the flyer.  

Vernier Probeware Workshop - October 20, 2018: 

Learn how to use Vernier probes and sensors with a variety of interfaces such as Laptops, LabQuests and LabPros.  Participate in lab activities and explore ways to integrate this technology tool into your instruction.  Discover the numerous Vernier resources tht CESTEM has available for teachers in their Technology Loan Program.  For more information, click here to view the flyer.  

Hour of Code Workshop - November 3, 2018:

Get ready to incorporate an Hour of Code with your students during Computer Science Education Week, December 3-9, 2018.  Learn about a variety of classroom-tested technology tools appropriate for your grade level.  Explore Bee Bot, Pro Bot, Makey Makey, Lego, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi.  Coding activities can be adapted for students in K-12.  For more information, click here to view the flyer.