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CESTEM is very excited to announce and welcome Ms. Michelle Hafey to our team here at UNCW! She is the new University Program Associate. Michelle will assist with the Technology Loan Program (TLP), grants, student competitions, and professional learning workshops.  She has more than 20 years of classroom experience teaching middle school science.

Michelle has experience using the TLP, leading workshops, and organizing science events and other student competitions, such as STEM Conferences, the Regional Science Fair, SeaPerch, and the Regional Science Olympiad.

She is National Board Certified in Early Adolescent Science, has a degree in Business Administration, and is a Kenan Fellow. The Kenan Fellows Program is recognized nationally as a model for industry-education partnerships to advance K-12 STEM education.  Kenan Fellows are catalysts of change, driving innovations in STEM education that inspire future generations of great inventors, leaders, and thinkers.  

Michelle’s start date is June 1, 2017.