Technology Loan Program (TLP)

To inquire about our Technology Loan Program (TLP) or to request specific items to borrow from the TLP, including the Starlab, please contact Michelle Hafey at

TLP Covid-19 Procedures:

Out of an abundance of caution and after consulting with Dr. Katrin Wesner-Harts, UNCW Health Center Director, the CESTEM Technology Loan Program is operating with restrictions due to COVID-19.  Some of the items in our inventory are not available for check out for their normal use due to health and safety concerns.

  • To reserve equipment, inquire about availability of items, or request a scheduled pick up time, send an email to or call CESTEM at (910)962-3168 . If you call, please leave a voice message with your name and phone number so we may contact you to confirm your reservation.
  • Staff are currently teleworking and pick up and return are available by appointment only.

The following policies are in place until further notice:

PK-12 Teachers TLP Loan Protocols

  • Teachers may check out available equipment for demonstration purposes only.
  • Students may not use the equipment.

UNCW Faculty TLP Loan Protocols

  • UNCW Faculty may check out available equipment. When items are reserved, faculty will need to provide the following information:
    • Will the items requested be used for demonstration purposes only? (Only the borrower touching and operating the device(s) borrowed, no other person touching the equipment/device(s).)
    • Will the items requested be passed out for student use? (Persons other than the borrower touching and operating the equipment/device(s).)
  • If the faculty member is borrowing the equipment used with college students or other colleagues:

Procedures for Items Used Multiple Times During the Loan Period

  • You will be required to properly disinfect the items between uses. We are not able to send disinfecting supplies, but please follow proper guidelines to clean the equipment.
  • Return the item(s) to the container(s) and contact CESTEM to make an appointment to return the item(s).
  • CESTEM will clean and disinfect all equipment/devices before making them available to other borrowers.

Procedures for Equipment Used One Time

  • Return the item(s) to the container(s) and contact CESTEM to make an appointment to return the container(s).
  • CESTEM will clean and disinfect all devices before making them available to other borrowers.

Procedures for UNCW Faculty Members Borrowing Equipment Used with College Students/Other Colleagues

  • CESTEM will containerize materials separately so that all materials used by a single user will only be touched by that one user, no one else during the loan period. For example, if the instructor would like each student to measure changes in the temperature during a chemical reaction using Vernier probe ware, CESTEM will send a temperature probe and interface for each student. These items will be containerized together. 
  • To ensure social distancing guidelines, it will be the responsibility of the UNCW Faculty to monitor that CESTEM equipment/devices are not shared among users.
  • When the activity is over, return all materials to the same container they came in and contact CESTEM to make an appointment to return the container(s).
  • CESTEM will clean and disinfect all devices before making them available to other borrowers.


Equipment Information

Check out our fully updated (As of October 2020) list of equipment with links to descriptions of some items! Please note that some links may not match the exact product available. Items highlighted in red are not currently available for checkout due to health and safety concerns related to Covid-19.

Take a look at our list of materials that we offer through our FREE Technology Loan Program! This list includes the $10,000 worth of Vernier equipment we obtained through a grant in 2011! If you do not see what you are looking for, call us. We may be able to help you find what you need.

Excel List- Updated October 2020

Additional Information:

  • We also have an extensive library of books available (Excel), non-fiction including text books.
  • Our Technology Loan Program has really taken off, so we recommend that you email us to make sure what you need is in, instead of just stopping by.
  • Attendance at our StarLab and 3D Printer Workshops is required before those check outs can take place.
  • Starting in September 2016, we have a new Lego MindStorm Robot Kit policy. Please email for more information. 
  • Please be advised that there may be a wait on some items, particularly the Starlab. We may also need the equipment returned by a specific date.
  • It is very helpful if we know the date and estimated time you plan to stop by, just to make sure someone will be available to assist you.
Starlab Information
  • There is a $30 maintenance fee for the Starlab. You may mail a check, payable to "UNCW CESTEM", to 601 S. College Rd. Wilmington, NC 28403-5976. If your school requires an invoice, please email us at
  • Please call or email us to schedule the dates for check out.
  • You must have attended our StarLab workshop to be able to check this item out.
  • The Starlab's popularity is growing, so please try to plan in advance. It is also helpful if you let us know in advance which cylinders you would like to take with you. That way, we can have everything ready when you arrive.
  • Please email for a list of cylinders. 
  • If you check out the Starlab, please be prepared to bring a large vehicle. If you need assistance loading the equipment, we can help you.
TLP Parking Information
  • There are parking spaces available for our visitors in front of our office building with signs labeled "CAT".
  • We recommend that you write "CESTEM" on a sheet of paper and leave it in your windshield, so everyone will know that your car will only be there for a short time.
  • For more detail please see our location on the Campus Map.
Department Meetings
  • K-12 School STEM Departments are welcomed to hold department meetings in the CESTEM office!
  • Collaboration between offices presents a great opportunity for departments to see the tools offered for check-out through our Technology Loan Program.
  • For more information, or if interested, please send an email to Michelle Hafey (