Centro Hispano

Violeta Perez Villa, Class of 2015 

Major: Criminal Justice and Spanish
Minor: Sociology 

Heritage: Mexican 

Hobbies: dancing, watching shows (Criminal Minds), watching and playing soccer, listening to music, cooking, reading, spending time with friends... “When I have it! haha”

Study Abroad: Seville, Spain.

Organizations Involved: 
MI CASA Peer Mentor, CHE Active Member, Study Abroad Ambassador, ISA Student Abroad Ambassador, International Student Mentor, and ESL Conversation Partner

Where do you work?
Biocomposities- a medical company that sells synthetic bone graft around the world

What are your top 3 accomplishments?
1. Being the first one in my family to attend a four year university. 
2. Studying abroad and traveling while I was there [UNCW]; therefore giving me the opportunity to experience new cultures, meeting new people, and the most important watch Ronaldo play soccer!!!
3. Becoming trilingual: English, Spanish, Portuguese

What's after college?
Well as of right now I’m trying to figure out my life. Literally! Get it together by the time I graduate. But career wise, I have several options which are staying at my current job until doing international sales, joining the military (stepping stone to get to my dream job), or teaching English in Spain. 

Dream job? 
Haha! Multiples! Not a lot of people know this, but I want to become a soccer wife. But if that doesn’t work, then I guess I’ll get a real job. Ideally, I would love to, I want to, I WILL work for the FBI or the CIA! I also want to help out kids with lower resources around the world, but that would be more of a personal goal, not necessarily a job. 

Any advice to the Latino generation rising at UNCW?
“Siempre encontraremos obstáculos que hagan perder la cabeza por un momento y nos frustrar a si sea económicamente, personalmente o simplemente un examen o también personas que nos digan que no se puede. Pero yo digo que simplemente tienes que hacerlo, cometer errores, volver intentarlo, mandar todo al carajo y empezar todo otra vez si es necesario. Porque al final no pasa nada.”

“Don’t give up. Normally it’s the last key on the ring which opens the door.” - Paulo Coelho