Centro Hispano


“Centro is more than a resource center for me. They have taken well care of me and offered me to reach out to opportunities that were offered, such as scholarships, jobs and organizations. Centro Hispano will always welcome me, because it is a home away from home.” -Bruce Lopez Hernandez: Class of 2018 / Mexican

“Centro Hispano is more often than an office or a resource center on campus. To me it meant an opportunity to meet my best friends, gain mentors, like Dr. Segovia and Chris Montero, and grow personally and professionally. Through Centro, I was able to learn more about my Hispanic identity and be involved with initiatives that give opportunities for young Latinos in the surrounding community.” - Chris Cardona: Class of 2014 / Honduran

“Centro opened the doors for me to take multiple leadership roles. It gave me mentors for life. It supported me in every way I could imagine throughout my undergraduate experience. It is certain in my heart that had I not found my niche in centro early on, I would not have flourished into the person I am today. Centro means the world to me.” - Giuliana Vaca-Tricerri: Class of 2017 / Ecuadorian

“Centro was the support system I needed to be successful and survive college. Centro made it about showing future generations that they can go to college no matter what fear and no matter what obstacle may come there way.” - Adriana Penley: Class of 2018 / Costa Rican

“Centro is the place that gave me the opportunity to start my professional career. It is a community that accepts you disregarding your ethnicity and background.” - Rafael Aita: Class of 2014 / Peruvian

“Centro Hispano meant home away from home. It represents a safe place to enjoy and celebrate the way I talk, socialize, think, and act. It meant comfort and a place where I could ignore any cultural differences.” - Juan Pablo Esandi Silva: Class of 2016 / Venezuelan

“Centro was a family for me. My family was not in the state when I started school, and I looked to Centro for a family. I found my best friends there. It was a source of comfort, growth, opportunities, and mentorship for me.” - Sara Lucia Baquero-Nuñez: Class of 2015 / Colombian

“Centro Hispano means family or Mi Familia. Centro provides students with a home away from home; this home allows them to learn, grow, and find comfortability in their own skin while building relationships with others who share similar backgrounds and heritages.” - Breyon Johnson: Class of 2016 / African-American