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In an effort to the bring light to faculty recruitment and retention, campus climate, and collaboration among Hispanic Faculty in the UNC System, the annual Hispanic/Latino Faculty Forum was established in 2012. The annual event, hosted by NCSU last year, brings together representatives from all UNC sister institutions and is set to rotate among the UNC campuses on a yearly basis. This year UNCW was pleased to host the second annual forum.


2nd Annual UNCW Hispanic/Latino Faculty Forum

2013 Participants

2013 Forum Agenda

2013 Forum Report

Provost Welcome, Dr. Denise Battles

Forum Presentations

Professional Development Opportunities: AAHHE, NCORE, HACU

UNC Charlotte: Campus Initiatives

UNCW Campus Initiatives

UNC Charlotte: Creating a Campus voice

First Annual UNCW Hispanic/Latino Faculty Forum

2012 Participants

2012 Forum Agenda

2012 Summary of Forum