Centro Hispano

Timothy Torres, Class of 2015 

Major: Marketing and Finance

Heritage: Colombian

Hobbies: I love rugby! I like making beats and writing lyrics. 

Work Abroad: Spent the summer of 2013 in Nottingham, England working as a roofer for Green Roof Systems.

Organizations Involved: 
UNCW Men's Rugby (president, then treasurer), Mi CASA Mentor

Where do you work? 
Cameron School of Business

What do you consider to be your top 3 accomplishments? 
1. I started playing Rugby with the Men's Rugby team my junior year after I transferred in. My first semester playing we won the conference finals and placed 8th at nationals. 
2. I got the amazing opportunity to be a JUNTOS Academy team leader; it is a Latino outreach program that happens every summer at NC State. This experience has changed my life and given me a passion for community outreach and higher education. 
3. I’ve always enjoyed working with the community, especially the Hispanic Community. I had the opportunity to be a part of Centro Hispano and MI CASA. I wanted to give back to the community by educating them about issues related to higher education. 

What’s after college?
I am currently looking to land a job in sales and/or financial services. Some perspective employers that I am looking at right now are: Morgan Stanley, Serwin-Williams, Bank of America, Next Glass, First South Bank. 

Dream job? 
Ideally, I would like to get a job straight out of college, work for two years, establish myself to be a hard worker with good credibility, and then find a job overseas. I really want to move to a country in Latin America (i.e. Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, etc.), but I would not mind moving to Europe.

Any advice to the Latino generation rising at UNCW?
Ask questions. Challenge authority. You need to work hard to be lazy. Do not procrastinate. Go and talk with professors outside of class, on YOUR TIME. Stay involved. Never burn bridges, you should ALWAYS be nice to EVERYONE. Dress for success. You never know when you are gonna meet your future spouse/employer.