Centro Hispano

Meet the Student Staff

Biographies of current student staff workers of Centro Hispano.

Rosa Argueta Class of 2021


Heritage: Salvadoran


Rosa is currently a senior majoring in Political Science and Spanish with a minor in Pre-Law. Rosa has worked in Centro Hispano since her freshman year and she has grown with the center. A lot of her successes throughout her college career is thanks to the passion and confidence she has gained through working in the center. Rosa enjoys photography and karaoke.

Carlos Ramos Temporary Headshot

Salma Dominguez Class of 2022


Heritage: Mexican


Salma is a junior majoring in Chemistry. She was part of MI CASA as a mentee and now she is currently a MI CASA mentor. Salma is also the public relations officer for both the Minority Association of Pre-Health Students (MAPS) and Centro Hispano Embajadores (CHE). Her goal is to further her career in getting her Ph.D. in Pharmacy or become a chemist. She would also like to achieve her parent's goal of being the first member of her family to graduate from college. 

Carlos Ramos Temporary Headshot

Selena Garcia Class of 2022


Heritage: Guatemalan


Selena is majoring in English with Journalism Minor. She is currently involved in MI CASA as a mentor, and SNCAE as Social Media Chair. As well as being Newsletter Editor and Social Media Assistant as a Work Study Student at Centro. During her free time she can be found reading, writing, watercoloring, and meditating! Her future goal is to become a traveling Journalist along with owning a farm! 


Alyssa De Jesús Class of 2022 


Heritage: Chinese & Puerto Rican 


Alyssa is a junior majoring in International Studies with a concentration in Globalization, and double minoring in Anthropology and Women’s & Gender Studies. She has been a part of and has held Executive Board positions in Centro Hispano Embajadores (CHE) and has been a part of Centro Hispano’s staff for three years. Her current personal goal is to continue to provide leadership opportunities to others, so that they may continue to positively impact and contribute to their communities. 


Sergio Madera-Garcia Class of 2021


Heritage: Mexican


Sergio is a senior majoring in Communication Studies with a double minor in Spanish and Leadership Studies. He currently serves as the Assistant Program Coordinator for the MI CASA Mentoring Program where he is also a mentor; he is also the President for the co-educational Latino fraternity, Alpha Psi Lambda National, Inc. His goal after graduating is to work within a financial institution that will enable transformative services through innovation and efficiency.


Monse Martinez-Cruz Class of 2023


Heritage: Mexican  


Monse is a sophomore majoring in Psychology and minoring in forensic science. She was a MI CASA mentee before coming to UNCW. She is the secretary of Ritmo Latino, a work-study student at Centro Hispano, and volunteered a lot with CHE and Juntos before the pandemic hit. Her goal is to be the first college graduate in her family and make her parents' sacrifices mean something. She also wants to help children in the future. 


Tanya Ortega Class of 2022


Heritage: Mexican


Tanya is currently a junior majoring in Social Work. She is involved in the MI CASA Mentoring program as well as Juntos 4-H at Pender High School. Her goal after graduating is to assist in the well-being of children, families and schools in her community.

Richard Perez

Ricard Perez Class of 2022


Heritage: Mexican


Richard is a junior majoring in Computer Science with a concentration in Systems and a minor in Digital Arts. He was a MI CASA mentee and now is currently a MI CASA Mentor. He is Vice President of Centro Hispano Embajadores and a member of Alpha Psi Lambda National, Inc. His goal is to assist the LatinX community and help LatinX students pursue post secondary education.


Nadia Trevizo Class of 2022


Heritage: Mexican


Nadia is a second-semester graduate student in the Spanish program and graduated with her BA of Spanish May in 2020 from Arizona State University. She is currently on the pathway of becoming a Spanish instructor to serve community colleges in the future. Her goal is to make a difference in her community wherever she is, as she has relocated multiple times in her life.