Centro Hispano

Sabrina Gonzalez, Class of 2015. 

Major: International Studies 

Minor: Spanish and Political Science

Ethnicity: Venezuelan 

Hobbies: Traveling (passion), anything that goes along with traveling, learning new cultures, trying new foods, spending time with friends and families, and shopping (more of an addiction haha)

Study Abroad: Seville, Spain (Spring 2015)

Organizations Involved: Area Chapter (Marketing), Secretary of CHE, MI CASA Mentor, Alpha Chi Omega (held non-exec positions since Freshmen year)

Where do you work?
Planet Smoothie, David Creech Law Firm (intern/secretary) 

What are your top 3 accomplishments?
1. Becoming more involved in the Hispanic community. Throughout my college career, especially being a MI CASA mentor… if there is anything that I’ve accomplished from this is I want them to look at me and say that “I can do this too.” 
2. My internship at David Creech Law Firm, because I have done it for two semesters and I have learned a lot and gotten a lot of hands on experience with Immigration law, which is what I want my career to be. I think being in that setting is very important to me and feeling like I am helping the Hispanic community. 
3. I think staying involved in my sorority (Alpha Chi Omega) since freshman year, because I am really proud of our national philanthropy is domestic violence awareness. Through that I have learned a lot about how to encourage and empower other women. 

What's after college?
So I am graduating a semester early. During that semester off I want to study for the LSAT and apply to Law school and get into law school. But I also want to do something meaningful like an internship or traveling. 

Dream job? 
I don’t necessarily have one dream job, because I see myself doing different things. But my dream is to be happy and successful in whatever I end up in the law field. As the first person in my immediate to graduate in the United States is already a dream in being here and making it this far. 

Any advice to the Latino generation rising at UNCW?
I would say to other Latino students and everyone “Whatever you do, never be afraid to fail and no matter what obstacles you go to, if you want to achieve something, you can. If you fail at something, you find an even better way to do it. So keep going, the worst the thing you can do is give up after you fail."

“Where there is a will, there is a way.”