Centro Hispano

Rafael Aita, Class of 2014 

Major: Business Administration with a concentration on Finance

Ethnicity: Peruvian 

Hobbies: Sleeping, reading, playing tennis, going to the movies… I used to have more hobbies before I started working [laughs]. 

Study Abroad: Studying on the United States is my study abroad experience since I am from Peru. 

Organizations involved: 

I played in the varsity tennis team for four years here at UNCW. Tennis took most of my time, I only had time to study, eat and play tennis. Therefore, it limited me of doing community involvement. I was also involved in the Cameron Executive Network (CEN). I was part of the Centro Hispano community, and I will always be. 

Where do you work? 

I work at UNCW Centro Hispano and I work as a tennis coach at Country Club of Landfall. I also have a three hour per day commitment to study for the Charter Financial Analyst Certification, which I consider to be my third job. 

What are your top 3 accomplishments? 

1. Representing my country at the Davis Cup 2014 tournament. It was one of the most emotional if not the most emotional moments in my life. Singing the Peruvian anthem in a worldwide stage was a very special experience. 

2. My first year at UNCW, I struggled to speak English fluently; however, I graduated from an American university as a student athlete with cum laude. I also graduated as the most decorated Tennis player in UNCW’s history. I think I made the best out of my student athlete experience. 

3. If I wouldn’t have played tennis for most of my life, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity of playing tennis in America with a full ride scholarship. I as well would have not received the opportunity to study a Masters without the need of paying for my tuition. In a few words, the big accomplishment is staying patient and ambitious throughout my teenage years which resulted in not paying a dollar for my education [laughs]. 

What are your plans after college?

Well, I graduated one year ago. My plan was to get into a Master’s program. I was working to build a stronger resume, so I could get into a competitive Master programs. As of now I have been accepted into George Washington and I will be studying a Masters on Project Management. And also, I will be working there as an assistant tennis coach. I killed two birds in one shot, because I got into a competitive Master’s program and I will be the men’s assistant tennis coach at George Washington. Tennis is what I am passionate about. 

Dream job? 

My dream job is to be a CFO on a big corporation, which is extremely difficult to accomplish but I always feel the need to go for the challenge, keeps me motivated [laughs]. Also, I will always be interested in helping the community in any way I can. I will keep being involved in community such as the ones that Centro Hispano works with. Here at Centro Hispano you can always help the community that surrounds you, and that is a big takeaway that I want to carry with me for the rest of my life as a world citizen. 

Any advice to the Latino generation rising at UNCW? 

Whatever your goals are or whatever curveball life throws at you, you have to stay positive and focused in your short and long term goals. Always be the hardest worker in the room, but don’t say it to your coworkers [laughs].