Centro Hispano

Keith Christian Spencer, Class of 2016

Major: History
Concentration: American History

Heritage: American

Hobbies: I love to travel, Salsa dance, playing the saxophone, shooting hoops, playing football (not soccer haha), and having really in depth conversations.

Organizations Involved:
Second Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of Pender County, member of Ritmo Latino, member of the Student Government Multicultural Committee, College Summit Writing Tutor

What are your top 3 accomplishments?

1. Getting into UNCW and actually enjoying my experience here, while getting to know a lot of people.

2. Actually finding a major that suited me, because I enjoy discussions on past events.

3. Learning how to Latin dance, which has been a very big accomplishment. I never thought I would develop a passion for it.

What's after college?
“Getting into graduate school. I know it is going to take some time to figure it out, because life is a journey of lessons. Finding an occupation that will give me a drive to wake up early in the morning and actually developing a passion for the field is major. I will never stop learning as long as I live. I am just going to enjoy the adventure and see where I end up.”

Dream job?
“My dream job is to become a lawyer and maybe possibly a politician. I want to improve education within the state of North Carolina. I feel like children are not being given all of the resources that they need in order to succeed. I really want to make a major impact on children’s lives and make a better community.”

Any advice to the generation rising at UNCW?
“First off, surround yourselves with people that live in the library. Environment is very important for success. Take breaks while studying. Do not worry about exams, because you will never escape them. Something that I’ve told my students in College Summit is to always strive and prosper. Also, never be afraid to fail, because you can only learn from your mistakes.”