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Michael Barugel

Mr. Michael Barugel
Title: Career Development Counselor
MA, Counseling in Higher Education, University of Delaware, 2012
BS, Information Systems, University of Delaware, 2008
Heritage: Spanish and Moroccan
Words of wisdom: "Not all those who wander are lost." - J.R.R. Tolkien
Contact Information:
Career Center, FUU
Phone: (910)-962-3174
Email: barugelm@uncw.edu
Source of motivation to pursue higher education:
After three internships and two years full-time in the corporate/business world, I realized that I have a strong passion for helping students, specifically college-aged students, develop their academic and career goals. I struggled with my professional identity for the years leading up to grad school, unsure of where my future was leading. Once hitting the breaking point, I wished I had done more reflection and spoken with a Career Counselor while I was an undergrad to talk in more detail about career options. I do, however, feel like everything in life happens for a good reason. I knew after once year of IT auditing that I had to switch gears. I started to think back to my senior year in college and the help I gave to brothers in my fraternity with academics and career tools. I discovered that I could go to school for Student Affairs/Counseling in Higher Education, and the rest was history. As a Career Counselor, I strive to help students reflect on their interests, skills, and values that can help identify a career path that will suit them well.

Favorite pastime:
Planning social events, ultimate Frisbee, bass guitar, and home brewing and sampling craft beer (there's a lot of science/math behind it…)