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Alpha Psi Lambda National Inc. Announces University of North Carolina Wilmington Expansion

Chicago, IL- Alpha Psi Lambda National Inc., welcomes its newest entity, the Alpha Psi Lambda, University of North Carolina Wilmington Colony, founded in Wilmington, North Carolina on November 19, 2016.

The Colony's founding line, Espíritus Resilientes, is made up of:
 Dara Arroyo Longoria
Fatima Vera Raya
Giuliana Vaca-Tricerri
Jose Lopez
Nicolas Torres-Santoyo
Nicole Stokes
Randy Luna
Sophie Misshula
Stacey Vasquez
Yomara Orozcodiaz
The colony is the first entity in the state of North Carolina for the Alpha Psi Lambda. This milestone event was made possible by the Expansion Committee which consisted of alumni from Alpha Alpha Chapter (Coastal Carolina University); Danielle Rome, Jacqueline Guzman, Jerry Ortiz, and Lexi Srisuwan. The National Executive Board extends its immense gratitude to the committee for their commitment to making this endeavor a success.
Alpha Psi Lambda intends to use this as an opportunity to further expand into North Carolina and other areas in the southeastern region of the country.
About Alpha Psi Lambda National Inc.
Alpha Psi Lambda National Inc., was founded in 1985 at the Ohio State University as a Latino-interest fraternity by 13 noble men and women. The purpose of Alpha Psi Lambda is to promote education, culture, and unity through leadership and community service. The fraternity has expanded to include 27 collegiate chapters and 7 colonies in California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, and Washington.