Centro Hispano

Eduardo Vanegas-Garcia, Class of 2016

Major: Finance and Accounting 

Heritage: Venezuelan 

Hobbies: Play the trombone, ukulele, basketball, hangout with the friends and motivating the youth.

Organizations Involved: MI CASA mentor, Delta Tau Delta, JDRF, Cameron Executive Network

Where do you work?
Server at Ruby Tuesday in Mayfaire, come visit me!

What are your top 3 accomplishments?

1. Being born, because my mother had a miscarriage at four months and they were unsure if I was dead or alive. My mother has a very delicate pregnancy considering the fact that she was told that show would never have kids. I could not be more thankful for the quality of woman I get to call my mother. 

2. College. Within a week in being in the United States, as I was eating pop cereal on a Wednesday morning before school, my mom says “You don’t know what college is, but you’re going to be there one day.” Six year old Eduardo replies “I don’t know what college is, but I will be there one day.” Two of the most important dates of my life are August 17, 2012 (Move-In Day) and the pending May 6, 2016 (Graduation). We made it Mami!

3. Tomorrow. 

What's after college?
Go to the triangle, be an assistant manager of a Sherwin Williams retail store, get out of debt, move to a major city in the next five years, and stay blessed. 

Dream job? 
CEO of a company that not only cares about their employees, but most importantly their community and be focused on the youth because that is our future. 

Any advice to the generation rising at UNCW?
You’ve made it! Close your eyes and think about where you stood as a sophomore in High School and see where you stand as a Junior in college. Wow. That is a lot of growth and development you have seen in yourself and peers. Think about how even some Latinos come to school but do not finish. You will. You have the will power to stand against anything because no one can deter you from your dreams whatsoever. When someone tells you that you cannot do something, do it and three times better. When someone says no to an opportunity, don’t fret! A No may close a door but it opens up two windows, we can still crawl through the windows. Call your parents, be attentive because they are the ones that got us here. Especially if you were not born in the USA! Acknowledge the fact that our parents are living their dreams through us, they are seeing a dream of a young man/woman becoming a professional in a country that opened its arms to us. Seize any opportunity. There is always a silver lining to everything, always a good consequence out of anything. Make a great first impression on anything because that is one of the few things in the world that you can never undo. Smile. If you haven’t blessed up today… bless up! And most importantly, One Love.