Centro Hispano

Carlos Ignacio Ramos Morfin, Class of 2016 

Major: B.S. in Biology
Minor: Mathematics and Neurobiology 

Heritage: Mexican

Hobbies: Dancing, teaching, and listening to music 

Study Abroad: Mission trips to Honduras

Organizations Involved: 

Where do you work?
UNCW Centro Hispano: Work Assist, Mathematic Tutor: Cape Fear Community College, Sacristan for the Newman Catholic Center, Volunteer: Cape Fear Museum 

What are your top 3 accomplishments?
1. Getting accepted into UNCW.
2. Volunteer of the year at the Cape Fear Museum, youngest volunteer of the year. 
3. Got my Associates of Science. 

What's after college?
After I graduate, I will be applying for Mathematic Master’s Program at UNCW and applying to Med School. I will still be working at UNCW Centro Hispano for about a year. 

Dream job? 
Being in the Bioethics Committee of the United Nations. 

Any advice to the generation rising at UNCW?
Look at deadlines. Work on your weaknesses. Never give up! #micdrop