Centro Hispano

Andrea Veronica Anguisaca, Class of 2016

Major: Biology 
Minor: Spanish 

Heritage: Ecuadorian 

Hobbies: Like to draw cartoons, take bike rides, color in coloring books, spending time with my family, friends, and boyfriend, trying to get back into running, and working out since it makes me feel better 

Organizations Involved: 
Pre-Veterinary Association Secretary (2012-2016), UNCW TriBeta Biological Honor Society, Plastic Ocean Project, Healing Hounds, MI CASA (previously first two years), and CHE (Centro Hispano Embajadores) 

Where do you work?
At "A Country Veterinary Clinic" since 2013. I nanny for almost 2 years here in Wilmington and continue to do so when needed. My freshman year to mid-way sophomore year I worked at the Dunkin Donuts on campus. Also worked at Clothes Mentor for a bit.

What are your top 3 accomplishments? 

1. MI CASA: being able to help a junior in high school, who is also a first year generation student, to get through the process of applying for college, applying for FAFSA, and motivating their dream goal in life.

2. Being able to be at the Country Veterinary Clinic for the pass three years and learning so much for what I want to become in the future. They have allowed me to learn so many skills that you need in the veterinary field. My proudest moment was that I was able to neuter my cat, because in vet school you don’t get a lot of hands on surgery. The Karen Beasley, Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center; it was an honor to be accepted because I applied for this internship this spring and I’ve always wanted to work with marine life, especially coming to UNCW and living by the waters; that’s why I joined UNCW POP (Plastic Ocean Project) because they are trying to reduce the amount of plastic going into the ocean, and for this center, we have a total of 91 turtles right now, which is the largest they ever had. It is rewarding because we are helping innocent animals that are sick, and we are able to rehabilitate back into the water so they can swim once more.

3. For me, I am able to graduate as a first generation college student. My parents worked so hard in order for my sister, Jenny, and I to have an opportunity of a better life. My dad would work two or three jobs and my mom worked two jobs, then we would have my grandmother or friends take care of us when we were younger. They always push us hard to do well in school. Throughout school, I would get “best student” or “best academic levels.” My parents would be proud because they were unable to have the education that we had. Being able to graduate first in my family from college and being the third grandchild of nineteen grandchildren to finally accomplish college, which is a huge deal for my grandparents since we are able to do more. If I get into veterinary school, I would be the first to go to graduate school from my entire family. I have known what I wanted to do since I was six and still sticking to become a veterinarian.

What's after college? 
After I graduate I will be moving back home to Charlotte with my parents to save up money. In this upcoming summer, it’s when I am applying to veterinary medical programs. My plan is to apply this summer, hopefully hearing back in schools accepting me this spring and start next fall veterinary school. I will be apart of Class 2021 if I am accepted into a veterinary medical programs. I will also be applying to master’s degree programs but not sue yet exactly my focus for the masters. 

Dream job? 
My dream job is to become a successful veterinary and to work in the Hispanic community, especially due to the language barrier. 

Any advice to the future generation rising at UNCW? 
For me to be a successful Latina in college, go for everything you can do, especially your freshmen year get involved. Don’t wait until your sophomore year. If you start your freshmen year, you have a strong foundation to keep going for your next four years. Go for the clubs that you are interested in; if it does not interest you, go find something else. Don’t give up, because in our generation you want to inspire other Latinos. Be the role model for others who want to come to college. Help them strive to success. If you feel down, go to Centro Hispano and they will help you out. Find friends who will keep you motivated and not drag you down. For me, success is key and I am pushing through to give the diploma to my parents since I am a first generation college student and this diploma is for them.

Buddha: “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind of the present moment.”

Mami: “Live every day like it’s your last, don’t regret anything you do. It’s the learning experience that gets yourself strong to get to where you want to be in life because if you don’t have the motivation what are you going to do with yourself.”