College of Arts & Sciences

Information for Current Students

Student Academic Policies

Students within the College of Arts and Sciences who need signatures or have questions concerning academic policies or other needs for academic services relative to university academic regulations are assisted by Dr. Jess Boersma, Associate Dean for Student Success, Policy and Undergraduate Scholarship. Dr. Boersma's office is in Suite 109 of the Office of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, located at the east end of Bear Hall adjacent to faculty/staff parking lot "G." Sue Tatum, executive assistant, is able to assist students with procedural questions, the filing of forms and requests for permissions as well as making appointments to meet with Associate Dean Boersma. Mrs. Tatum's telephone extension is 2-3413.

University Regulations

Students should familiarize themselves with university regulations regarding such issues as dropping and adding courses, withdrawal policies, academic eligibility and retention regulations, dismissal and re-admission policies, residency requirements, requirements for earning a double major or double degree, regulations regarding repeating of courses, graduation requirements, procedures to change a major or minor, etc. These and other university regulations regarding academic progress are outlined in the university catalogue available online by clicking here.


Forms for Signature by the Student Success, Policy and Undergraduate Scholarship and for Department Chairs or Faculty

Assistance with obtaining forms and signatures necessary to ensure students' academic objectives and continued progress toward degree requirements is available from student academic advisors. Students should take the initiative to ask questions in order to understand procedures for obtaining and dispatching the forms necessary to meet their academic objectives at every meeting with their advisor. Usually forms requiring signatures by either or both the associate dean for student policy and curriculum coordination and department chairs/program directors or faculty are obtained from the department or program offices of your major or in some cases minor.

Scholarship Info: Financial Aid
For departmental scholarship information, please contact individual departments.