College of Arts & Sciences

Academic Information & Resources 

Please see the information below and links to the left for important academic information and tools for all undergraduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences. For specific information about a major or minor within the College, please refer to that department's webpage.    

Transfer Student New to UNCW? 

What are my degree requirements and how do I sign up for classes?  

Please see the Undergraduate Catalogue and Academic Planning links on the left to learn more about the following resources.  The Undergraduate Catalog lists the degree requirements for a student's program of study. A degree audit is a tool located on your Seanet account to help you monitor your progress towards degree completion.  Seanet is the system you will use to register for courses.  See the links on the left for more information about each of these planning resources.   

What does academic standing mean? 

A student's academic standing is determined at the end of each semester based on their grades and is reflected on their academic transcript.  Academic standing categories include Dean's List, Good Academic Standing, Insufficient Academic Progress, Must Be Reviewed, Academic Probation, and Academic Dismissal.  See the Academic Standing link on the left to learn more about each category.  

What are the withdrawal policies at UNCW? 

Please see the Withdrawal Policies link to the left to learn about the different times in a semester when a student can withdraw from a course and the consequences of a withdrawal at that time.